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Artisan Green ebmpapst

Project Background

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Horiculture in Singapore
In land-scarce Singapore, it is not possible to allocate much land for farming. However, with the advent of vertical farming and hydroponics, local food production is now more feasible. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of strengthening the nation’s supply chain resilience and food security. Hence, the local government has opted to ramp up support for local farms.

Artisan Green
Artisan Green, founded in 2018, is one such farm. They specialise in a spinach variety that is naturally grown in temperate climates. Currently, their farm is around 200 m2 in size and has 120 levels for their crops. They are able to produce over 100kg of spinach per week. Since soil is not required, Artisan Green can recycle the nutrient-rich water, enabling them to use only 5% of the usual water amount. In such optimised growth conditions, the spinach matures in 60% of the usual time.


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Optimising the Spinach’s Growth
Spinach is a very sensitive crop. Artisan Green spends a considerable amount of their time experimenting with various cultivation methods. Various factors easily impact the growth and taste of their spinach in the growth environment. These factors include but are not limited to the temperature, humidity, PH levels, nutrient mix and the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the air. Ideally, there should be little to no VOCs in the air. To remove the VOCs, Artisan Green decided to customise an air purifier with activated carbon filters. The air purifier will be in constant operation. As the farm corridors are small, the air purifier will also have to be compact. To create this air purifier, Artisan Green approached a well-known filter provider, who is one of ebm-papst SEA’s customers. For the fan component, the filter provider highly recommended ebm-papst’s fans to Artisan Green.

Product Benefits

EC Centrifugal Fan RadiCal ebmpapst

EC Fan: RadiCal

The RadiCal’s compact size but powerful performance makes it the ideal fan for this application. Currently, only 50% of the maximum fan speed is utilised. If Artisan Green decides to expand, they can increase the fan speed to meet the increased needs.
In addition, Artisan Green commented that the RadiCal in the air purifier was ‘pretty quiet’ during operation. The RadiCal is highly durable and require little maintenance. This is ideal for Artisan Green as the air purifier will have to be in constant operation. Lastly, sustainability is one of Artisan Green’s business philosophies. The RadiCal fan lines up with this as it is an energy-efficient solution. This would not only minimise energy consumption but also minimise operation costs in the farm.

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