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Project Background

AHU Retrofit in SemiConductor Factory ebmpapst SEA

Semiconductor Factories

As the world’s appetite for electronic devices increases, so does the production of semiconductors. Semiconductors factories are increasing in number across the world. A typical semiconductor fabrication plant will consume a considerably large amount of electrical energy. In fact, a large semiconductor plant will use more energy than many automotive plants and oil refineries. To reduce energy consumption, energy-efficient solutions are necessary. One of the various ways to reduce energy consumption is to retrofit existing Air Handling Units with energy-saving EC centrifugal fans.


Air Handling Unit ebmpapst SEA

Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Air Handling Units (AHUs) help to ventilate the air in commercial or industrial buildings. Choosing the right fan is absolutely critical as the fan contributes to most of the energy consumed. In addition, different fan types will lead to airflow and pressure differences.

Conventionally, a single AC belt-driven fan is used in AHUs. However, such fans are inefficient and require significant maintenance as they are made up of several separate components. In the event of a component breakdown, the whole system will have to shut down, causing inconvenience to the end-user. Learn more about retrofits in the link below.


RadiPac EC Centrifugal Fan ebmpapst SEA

EC Centrifugal Fan: RadiPac

EC centrifugal fans, such as the RadiPac, are ideal for Air Handling Units due to its powerful air performance. It also comes with a lengthy list of benefits, including but not limited to:

– High Energy Efficiency
– Low Noise
– Operational Reliability (with FanGrid setup)
– Fuss-free Installation
– Minimal Maintenance

Our RadiPac EC centrifugal fans helped the end-user to achieve an impressive 52% in energy savings. This lowers operation costs. Maintenance costs are also lowered as RadiPac fans are far more durable than their predecessors, AC belt-driven fans.

intelligate touch EC fan Controller ebmpapst SEA

Intelligate Touch (Previously HMI Touchpad)

For easy monitoring and control over the EC fans, an EC fan controller was installed. The dashboard gives users various types of information, such as energy consumed and speed of the fans.

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