Motors & Drives

Brushless Motors

The outstanding features of the ECI series of electronically commutated internal rotor motors are their high power density and dynamic …

Brushed Motors

The BCI series of mechanically commutated DC motors offers 3 different sizes and many voltage variants.

Improving efficiency with EC motors

Not only do the latest electronically commutated motors (EC motors) consume much less electricity, they are usually considerably more compact at equal or even higher power output. Their use in household appliances provides an example of the resulting benefits for machinery and equipment. A few scenarios described below show the advantages.

Gear motor supports recovery

Machines made by Orthorent assist in the recovery of patients suffering from paralysis. Their essential components include a sensitive gear motor and an Internet connection.

Drive in and find out

Complete drive solutions from modular construction kit. The advantages appear in a compact solution made up of construction kit modules technically coordinated with one another, and which can be integrated in machine concepts to save space.

Customizing drives with selected properties

Making the most of EC drive output