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ebm-papst at Digital Bex Asia 2021: Participating the premier event for the Built Environment Industry


The 14th edition of BEX Asia this year is taking place from 6th to 10th of September. BEX Asia is the premier market intelligence platform for the built environment industry. This year’s edition will be in a fully digital format.

ebm-papst SEA will be featuring the latest smart and energy-saving solutions for ventilation systems.

The importance of sustainable solutions has massively increased in recent years. In line with that, ebm-papst has been focusing on developing energy-efficient fan solutions for a wide range of air-conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation applications.

This year, ebm-papst SEA thrives to leverage on our EC technology integrated with Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions to optimise building operations at all levels to achieve higher energy efficiency and be eco-friendlier.

RadiCube: A Newly Launched Smart EC Box Fan
One example of such a solution is smart EC box fan – RadiCube. RadiCube includes ebm-papst’s signature EC centrifugal fans and a cube-like casing made of extruded aluminum. It is capable of discharge in all directions. This box fan is designed to be an integrated solution powered by energy-saving EC motors. To further optimise the use of RadiCube, IoT sensors can be installed as well. These devices offer an impressive list of benefits, including but not limited to energy efficiency and convenience. RadiCube is available in various sizes and fan performance levels. It is ideal for mechanical ventilation systems such as exhaust and supply fans. It can also be used in small air handling units.


Technical Webinar: Air-Side Semi Decentralised Ventilation System
Additionally, a technical webinar by ebm-papst SEA will be broadcasted during the digital event. On 8th September from 3:00pm to 3:45pm, Mr. Thomas Sauer, Managing Director of ebm-papst neo, will be presenting on the topic of Air-Side Semi Decentralised Ventilation System. This is a method to drastically reduce the pressure in the duct system by using fans instead of louvers and Variable Air Volume (VAV) system to control air flow.

Complimentary Access
Participation in this digital trade event is complimentary. The registration page is: https://www.event-reg.biz/RegistrationIBEW/LandingIBEW

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