RadiFit Fans

Shed unnecessary ballast.


For central air conditioning, various components such as filters, heat exchangers or humidifiers and dehumidifiers are used. The task of the fans is to convey the air through all these components as well as through a branched duct system, thereby compensating for the high pressure losses.
At the same time, the system should waste little space and enable easy, needs-based ventilation of many rooms. The flexible, robust and easy-to-implement solution: our new EC centrifugal fans.


For example: Low-profile air conditioner with size 250 RadiFit.


For example: Central air conditioner with size 400 RadiFit.

GreenTech times five: Just right

Compact, efficient, easy retrofitting. Centrifugal fan with backward-curved blades, dual inlet and scroll housing.

Our RadiFit centrifugal fan product range with scroll housing, dual inlet and backward-curved blades is the new system solution for a wide range of industrial and ventilation technology applications.

With their highly efficient GreenTech EC motors they can offer excellent efficiency at high pressures.

They are also extremely compact, light and robust. But best of all, the RadiFit corresponds to the standard installation dimensions for fans. So installation and replacement are child's play.

The power range of the RadiFit centrifugal fan

All the advantages at a glance



This means GreenIntelligence for you:
It means that we bring their applications to a completely new level by adding new value that goes far beyond the purely physical capabilities of individual fans or drives. Think of remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, self-optimizing processes. ebm-papst makes all of these things possible today with integrated solutions featuring smart connectivity such as the new RadiCal:

  • Status monitoring of fans and environment
  • Precise cooling controlling with option for sensor connection and individual speed control
  • Warning indicator for filter clogging, excessive thermal load, maximum speed
  • Low operating costs due to EC technology and predictive maintenance

RadiFit EC centrifugal fans – Compact, efficient, easily upgraded(Edition 01.01.2015) [PDF] 907.29KB

Tender specification
Tender specifications RadiFit 250-400
(Edition 17.04.2019) [PDF] 69.06KB