HyBlade Fans

an innovative and currently unique hybrid structure for fan blades from ebm-papst.

HyBlade® axial fans

Made by ebm-papst

Revolutionary efficiency combined with unprecedented quiet operation.

  • Highly efficient motor technology and electronics
  • Very high system efficiency
  • Numerous actuation options
  • “Plug & play” thanks to integrated electronics

HyBlade axial fans from ebm-papst

One outstanding example of the permanent advancement and improvement of our products is the HyBlade® axial fan – a unique combination of materials specially developed for large axial fans. With HyBlade® we get the best out of two completely different materials: maximum efficiency.

HyBlade® – setting new standards in fan technology:

Energy balance

Top class energy balance: HyBlade® in everyday use.

Responsibility towards the environment, noise reduction, labor saving – axial fans with HyBlade® technology exhibit exemplary, future-proof characteristics in all fields. The positive primary and secondary energy balance is a factor that is particularly gaining in importance from day to day.

Stability and intelligence

Stability and intelligence to the power of two: HyBlade® meets GreenTech EC technology.

HyBlade® gets the best out of two completely different materials to achieve maximum efficiency. This intelligent combination yields new benefits and enhances existing ones. Particularly when paired with GreenTech EC motors, HyBlade® axial fans offer truly outstanding efficiency. Throughout the world, the new technology has already proven just how versatile it is.


Elementary high performance: Putting HyBlade® to the test.

Whether it is exposed to sustained heat and UV radiation, the intense cold or rapid temperature fluctuations of more than 120°C – HyBlade® technology can be relied upon to prove its fantastic talents in any situation. To start with, this means the new blades having to survive a world tour under extreme conditions.


HyBlade® Premium Hybrid Fan – The New Composite Material for Axial Fans
(Edition 01.03.2011) [PDF] 1.58MB

EC axial fans – HyBlade®
(Edition 01.10.2009) [PDF] 9.16MB

EC axial fans – HyBlade®
(Edition 01.09.2015) [PDF] 121.68MB

EC axial fans – HyBlade® for ventilation technology
(Edition 01.06.2016) [PDF] 33.48MB

Tender specifications
Tender specifications HyBlade 200-1250
(Edition 01.08.2016) [ZIP] 1.94MB