AxiTop Diffuser Fans

Greater efficiency, less noise, reduced exit losses

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Greater efficiency, less noise, reduced exit losses.

In refrigeration and cooling installations, any residual heat created must be expelled to the surrounding air through heat exchangers. Fans therefore pump cold air through the heat exchanger to improve the heat dissipation. There is a whole range of options for designing and configuring especially efficient, quiet and durable fans. A new, passive component, the so-called diffuser, provides for a substantial improvement in efficiency and noise. Its pressure-boosting effect minimises exit losses and makes it easier to adapt the fan to commercially available heat exchangers.

Knowing how - the airflow through the AxiTop diffuser

To deliver an airflow through a heat exchanger, a sufficient pressure differential is needed to overcome the flow resistance of the exchanger. Normally, the delivered air flows at high speed from the exit side of the fan and is dissipated into the environment. Dissipation means that the kinetic energy of the flow is converted into heat that is no longer technically utilised. The AxiTop diffuser is designed to decelerate the flow, allowing a large proportion of the dynamic kinetic energy to be converted into static pressure. This reverse-conversion boosts the pressure increase of the impeller. If all components are aerodynamically optimised, this allows efficiency to be significantly enhanced, making it possible to reduce the fan speed and thus noise emissions.

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