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AxiEco Fans

The Pressure-Resistant Axial Fan

New in 2020 – Featuring both Protect & Perform Models

Applications for AxiEco Fans

Applications in refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning and mechanical engineering often operate in tough environmental conditions (e.g. freezing temperatures). To manage this, you need electrically and mechanically robust solutions that work efficiently.

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AxiEco Protect: Best Axial Fan Under Pressure

Advantages at a Glance

Over the entire product series, the AxiEco Protect makes a great impression with its robustness, high performance, low noise levels and economical operation for both in its EC and AC design. It withstands pressure and ice formation like no other.

Impeller with Improved Geometry
Robust Guard Grill
No Tip Gap
Grooved Blades
Diffuser with Increasing Pressure
Impeller with Improved Geometry

In accordance with the latest findings in aerodynamics, the blade shape has undergone three-dimensional improvements and the impeller has been optimized.

Robust Guard Grill

The fan guard grill is made of metal, making it very robust.

No Tip Gap

In the AxiEco Protect, there is no longer any tip gap between the fan housing and the impeller. The impeller, integrated diffusor ring and hub form a compact unit and the blade tips seamlessly join the oil slinger. This brings two advantages: Firstly, there is no flow over the blade tips. This increases efficiency and reduces noise. Secondly, the blades can no longer freeze on the nozzle.

Grooved Blades

The fan blades of the AxiEco Protect have grooves. This increases its mechanical stability, in turn enabling a higher power density.

Diffuser with Increasing Pressure

The integrated diffusor ring of the AxiEco Protect also performs the function of a diffuser. This means that it is integrated directly into the impeller, which has a larger outflow angle than other axial fans. As it makes the pressure increase, the diffuser reduces outlet losses, meaning that it contributes to noise reduction.

AxiEco Perform: For Applications with High Back Pressure

The existing product range is now being expanded to include AxiEco Perform axial fans with a housing made of composite material.

Aerodynamic design increases efficiency and air throw

In the new AxiEco Perform fans, the impeller, integrated diffusor ring and hub form one compact unit. The blade tips pass directly into the integrated diffusor ring, so there is no tip gap between the nozzle and the impeller, which increases efficiency and reduces noise. In the aerodynamically optimized housing with integrated guard grill, the guide blades ensure that the dynamic losses are reduced to a minimum. In addition, the air throw increases so that even distribution of cold air is achieved in large cold stores, for example.

Similar to our other fans, it is a plug & play solution with variable installation options.

AxiEco Perform EC Axial Fan ebmpapst SEA

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Questions & Answers about the AxiEco Protect

  • How does the AxiEco fight off ice formation?

    Ice formation particularly afflicts evaporators if the humidity precipitates on the heat exchanger as ice at cold ambient temperatures. This means that the air path is restricted and the pressure increases. This is where the AxiEco Protect’s key benefit comes in: at higher back pressures, it offers many more pressure reserves than other fans. This extends the intervals between defrosting cycles and means that the refrigerating plant can be operated more efficiently for longer periods. Another advantage is its optimized ice formation behavior: The AxiEco Protect has no tip gap, therefore it is unlikely that the impeller freezes up. Last but not least, its better flow profile delays the formation of ice on the guard grill, because the interior air is not drawn in again but remains in an axial direction.

  • Why is the AxiEco Protect's high power density advantageous?

    Since the AxiEco Protect can be operated at higher speeds, it achieves a higher air performance per area. Compared to other axial fans, this means that fewer fans are required to deliver the same performance. This not only increases overall efficiency, but also saves space.

  • How does the AxiEco Protect increase efficiency?

    More stringent demands will be placed on the efficiency of fans by the time the next stage of the ErP comes into force. The AxiEco Protect already easily fulfills these criteria: its efficiency ratings are impressive. It boasts an efficiency increase of over 20% compared to the HyBlade with full nozzle (depending on the size).

  • Why is the AxiEco Protect so incredibly quiet?

    The AxiEco Protect is up to 6 dB(A) quieter than the HyBlade (depending on the size). The main reason behind this is that the impeller, integrated diffusor ring and hub of the AxiEco Protect form a compact unit. The blade tips seamlessly join the integrated diffusor ring so there is no longer any tip gap between the fan housing and the impeller. This results in hardly any turbulence in the edge area – and therefore also less noise. The integrated diffuser also helps to reduce noise, meaning that the noise level remains pleasantly low even at higher pressure ranges.

  • What are the advantages of using EC motor technology?

    The new AxiEco Protect meets the requirements of the next stage of the ErP regardless of the motor technology used, but EC technology offers additional benefits:
    – better efficiency than AC motors
    – less waste heat and, therefore, lower energy consumption
    – demand-based control via a 0 to 10 V signal
    – some motor variants can also be controlled via MODBUS-RTU

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