Axial Fans

ebm-papst’s axial fans have a reputation for being compact, quiet and most critically, efficient. They are suited to a wide range of applications, including condensers and evaporators. The secret behind our axial fans’ efficiency lies in Electronic Commutated (EC) technology, which allows the fans to consume less energy while producing the desired amount of airflow.

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centrifugal fan axial fans axiblade ebmpapst
AxiBlade Fans
Optimised for maximum system performance; perfect for condensers
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centrifugal fan axial fans axicool ebmpapst
AxiCool Fans
Optimised for cooling and defrosting cycles; the ideal axial fan for chillers
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centrifugal fan axial fan diffuser axitop ebmpapst
AxiTop Diffuser
Diffuser for Axial Fans. Greater efficiency, less noise, reduced exit losses
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centrifugal fan axial fans hyblade ebmpapst
Hyblade Fans
Designed with fan blades made of plastic and aluminium alloy for maximised efficiency
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ebm-papst’s Axial Fans
Axial fans direct air that is parallel to the shaft. Our premium collection of axial fans are well known for their efficiency, low noise production and adaptability. The differences between each axial fan type in our Axi-series appear minute. However, they do possess differences in their structures that make them ideal for different applications. Please speak to your closest sales representative if you would like to quickly get an idea of which axial fan in our collection suits your needs.

ebm-papst’s Axi-Series

The star of the Axi-series is undoubtedly AxiBlade, which is a combination of the AxiTop Diffuser and Hyblade. This integrated solution allows for greater efficiency and power density while keeping the installation space required constant. The AxiBlade is highly suited for condensers and cooling tower applications.

The AxiTop diffuser can be used to complement our axial fans or installed as an add-on to existing axial fans. This enlarges the cross-section in the direction of flow. In consequence, the diffuser increases the static air performance of the fan while reducing the flow velocity and noise level.

The Hyblade is made out of two different materials (plastic with metal inlay) in order to get the best of both worlds. A characteristic feature of HyBlade impellers is the aerodynamic design of the blades, visible signs of which are the different material thicknesses and the distinct “winglets” at the ends of the blades. When paired with our Electronic Commutation (EC) technology, it achieves truly outstanding efficiency.

As its name suggests, this axial fan is excellent in applications that require chilling. Many versions of these fans have been developed, allowing ebm-papst to meet the needs of small and large-scale applications. Optional features include hinges (for easy cleaning) and guide vanes.