Commercial Fans

ebm-papst offers a wide range of efficient commercial fans. Our research and development team in Germany has spared no effort in engineering the best fans that modern day technology can offer.

Industrial Fans: Why ebm-papst?
ebm-papst is in the business of manufacturing industrial/commercial fans. ebm-papst’s industrial or commercial fans are equipped with electronic commutation (EC) technology. As we are among the pioneers of EC technology, our industrial/commercial fans are constantly updated so that they are incredibly efficient. Efficient industrial or commercial fans reduce operation costs. In addition, this will help to conserve the environment.

ebm-papst in Southeast Asia
Its Southeast Asia arm, ebm-papst SEA, caters to customers in Singapore (HQ), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur / Penang) , Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

Commercial Fans & Industrial Fans: Categories
Industrial fans at ebm-papst SEA can be broadly categorised into the following groups: Centrifugal fans, axial fans and compact fans. Centrifugal fans moves air in a direction at an angle to the incoming air. Axial Fans force air to move parallel to the shaft. Compact Fans, in contrast with the former two, are small fans that are found in specific applications, such as server racks. Usually, the type of commercial fan chosen depends on the application.

If you are unsure about which industrial fan to choose for your application, please contact one of our sales representatives from your country. They will be more than happy to assist you.

Other benefits of ebm-papst’s Commercial & Industrial Fans
ebm-papst’s ventilation solutions must be considered as a whole. Our EC Fans comprises of an integrated system. This includes the EC external rotor motor, integrated electronics and high static efficiency impeller. As these industrial fans can be equipped with a cube-like frame, it enables the fans to be stacked up. This forms a FanGrid, which can be scalable to the customers’ needs.

Other benefits of ebm-papst’s industrial fans include low noise production, hassle-free installation and low maintenance requirements. By investing in ebm-papst’s commercial fans, businesses can bring their building’s operational efficiency to never-seen-before heights.