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Compact Fans in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Compact fans are critical in applications with limited space. A noteworthy application, which is gaining traction in recent years, are electric vehicle charging stations.

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Image 1. Electric Car being charged at a EV Charging Station

For years, many countries around the world have been making great efforts to curbing emissions and pollution levels while maintaining the level of mobility. As Electric Vehicles (EVs) allow the freedom of mobility, without the associated problems of high carbon emissions typical of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, they have bucked the trend.

To make sure that EVs can take their place on the roads, they will need better batteries that can be recharged faster. Even so, the time it takes to fully charge the vehicle is one of the obstacles for acceptance of EVs. Sometimes, it could take a few hours to get the battery fully charged. Hence, the demand for fast charging is on the rise.

Compact fans are installed to quickly cool the EV Charging Station

Image 2. Location of compact fan in EV Charging Station

So how does a charging station actually work? The driver simply needs to scan his/her customer card up to the charging station, pull out the plug and insert it into the socket in his/her EV. Then the charging process begins.

However, when one or more vehicles are connected to the charging station, naturally, the power electronics generate a lot of heat that has to be dissipated efficiently. A cooling system is needed to be placed in the distribution cabinet of the charging station to prevent overheating.

With the limited space in the distribution cabinet, it is challenging to integrate a compact cooling system with reliable compact fans. Besides, the quietness of fan operation is also required as some charging stations are placed in residential areas.

In summary, the ideal compact fans deployed in EV charging stations should be small in size with high reliability and quiet in operation.

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