Data Centres

Data centres are buildings dedicated to housing computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage devices.Discover where and how ebm-papst fans can be used in data centres sustainably.

Discover ebmpapst in data centres

1. The fans in our FanGrid operate in parallel, providing greater efficiency and ensure fail-safe operation.

CRAC ebmpapst SEA

2. When our fans are used in CRAC units, it enables reliable and precise air conditioning in data centres.

AHU Air Handling Unit

3. Our efficient fans can be installed in Air Handling Units (AHUs).


4. In theĀ condenser, the heat transported in the refrigerant is transferred to the ambient air.

Server Cooling

5. ebm-papst’s fans enable efficient server cooling.

SGBC Green Issue 10 Beat the Heat in Data Centres

Beating the Heat in Data Centres

Featured in SGBC Issue 10

Data Centres, like all buildings,
can also be sustainable and energy-efficient.

Sustainability in Data Centres

Sustainability & Data Centres

In recent years, sustainability concerning energy use in data centres has become a growing concern. In Singapore, studies done by the National Environment Agency in 2010 estimated that the total electrical energy usage of data centres is 3.6 percent of Singapore’s total electrical energy consumption. The energy consumption demand of such buildings is estimated to grow to 2,260 GWh by 2015, which is a 51 percent increase over 5 years. This suggests that energy consumption by data centres in Singapore has been increasing and will continue to increase in the years to come. These buildings expend large amounts of energy and generate an immense amount of heat at the same time.

Ventilation Systems in Data Centres

Ventilation systems can account for up to 35 percent of energy consumed and energy used by fans contributes to a large portion of this statistic. There are many ways to ventilate a data centre, as illustrated above.

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