Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Discover where ebm-papst fans can be used in commercial & industrial buildings.

Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Featured Building Types & Applications: Hotels ; Cooling Towers

1. Air handling units (AHUs) provide fresh air for your interior.

Fan Coil Unit

2. A fan coil unit (FCU) consists of a heat exchanger and a fan, and regulates both the temperature and humidity of the air.

Air Door Curtains

3. Air curtains build up a wall of air in a matter of seconds to prevent air masses from different areas becoming mixed.

Roof Fans

4. Roof fans convey stale air out of rooms into the open.

Heat Pumps

5. Heat pumps absorb energy from their surroundings and then feed it into the heating or service water system.

Air Heaters

6. Air heaters use registers and modern EC fans to rapidly create a pleasant room temperature.


7. In the condenser, the heat transported in the refrigerant is transferred to the ambient air.

Cooling Tower

8. Cooling towers make use of the considerable heat of vaporization of the water to cool water.