Clean Rooms

Special rooms come with special demands. In clean room operation, this means clean air with a high air exchange rate, sufficient pressure, exact temperature and humidity control, and air quality that is always consistent. High-performance ventilation systems are required to achieve all that.

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Compared to an average commercial building, clean rooms consume much larger amounts of energy. This is due to the high air change rates and HVAC systems needed to achieve the required cleanliness classification. The tiniest speck of dust can affect the functionality of semiconductors. Therefore, semiconductor manufacturers need a controlled environment to manufacture their products. In clean rooms, contaminants in the air are highly controlled. This is achieved through a few types of ventilation systems, as shown below:

Make-up Air Unit (MAU)

AHU Air Handling Unit

MAUs are large air-handling units. The purpose of make-up air is to replace air exhausted from the cleanroom. An additional function of MAUs is to create room overpressure. This is necessary for particulate matter or contamination control. An immense amount of energy is needed for the MAU to operate.

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Fan Filter Unit (FFU)

Fan Filter Units ebmpapst

FFUs are used to supply facilities with ultra-clean air. They are mainly employed in ceiling-mounted systems in clean rooms in chip factories, bottle filling or plastic molding facilities, the pharmaceutical industry and microstructure technology.

Ideal fans for FFUs

radipac fans centrifugal fans backward curved ebmpapst (2)

Category: Centrifugal Fan
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