German Fan Manufacturer

Fan technology has developed very rapidly over the past 50 years. Leading technologies, pioneering application solutions, innovative products – all of these would not be possible if you didn’t look at the big development picture: ventilation connections and therefore the perfect interaction of motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics. Proudly, ebm-papst has been a key part of this evolution.

epSEA German Fan Manufacturer

We have solutions for practically every task in ventilation and drive technology. We have organized our more than 20,000 products into strategic market segments for which our German locations are responsible.

Mulfingen is the headquarters of the company and, with the two branch plants in Niederstetten and Hollenbach, the largest location of the group of companies. In Hohenlohe, our Air Competence Centre concentrates on air technology, air-conditioning technology and refrigeration technology. The product portfolio includes axial andcentrifugal fans and blowers.

In the global drive and compact fan world, St. Georgen, with its locations in Lauf and Herbolzheim, is regarded as a pioneer and technology leader. The Black Forest region offers intelligent system solutions for the automotive industry and industrial drive technology. In the field of industrial ventilation technology, ebm-papst St. Georgen offers awide range of axial, radial and diagonal fans.