We have hit the nail on the head with GreenTech, illustrating our philosophy, effort and achievements in environmental protection. GreenTech’s benefits come together from the moment our products are created to when they are used: bringing everything full circle, as we are convinced that we will build another, even more eco-friendly and cost-effective product in the near future.

Sustainable Business

Green through and through

In order to underline our philosophy, efforts and achievements when it comes to environmental protection, we have put them all in a nutshell with GreenTech. The benefits of GreenTech mesh with one another from the initial development of our products through to their use – and they form a circuit that finishes right where it began: with the philosophy that we shall soon build another, even more eco-friendly and economical product.

GreenTech follows a firm philosophy.

The GreenTech idea reflects a simple but clear philosophy that goes back to our company principle: “Each new product that we develop has to be better than its predecessor in terms of economy and ecology.”

And that is not always an easy task when you have more than 14,500 different products in your range. And yet our colleagues all round the world have been thinking and acting in accordance with this principle for decades – even before the word “ecology” became a catchword crossing the boundaries between generations. Year after year, they input a great deal of knowhow, commitment and great inventiveness to redefine standards with ever more powerful and efficient motors and fans that raise the bar ever higher, step by step, often even in giant leaps.

Sustainability is something quite normal for us when we develop new products and technologies. Even during the concept phase we optimise our materials and processes to achieve maximum environmental compatibility, energy balance and recyclability. While we are permanently working on improving motor technology, electronics and fluid mechanics, at the same time we are working on reducing energy consumption.

Our S-Force high-performance fans, for example, which overshadow all our competitors in terms of power, air performance and efficiency, would not have been possible without the perfect interaction of motor technology, fluid mechanics and intelligent electronics. Our high-efficiency HyBlade® fans are also based on a breakthrough in research. We needed a new hybrid construction to achieve the stability of high-strength aluminium with the lightness and malleability of plastics.

GreenTech is eco-friendly production.

GreenTech also stands for intelligent economy with maximum energy efficiency in the production process. That starts with the fact that ever since the 1960s we have run a shuttle-bus service to bring our employees to work from more distant areas of the district of Hohenlohe. That is not only convenient. It also saves countless litres of fuel every day. On the other hand, for the purchase of company cars neither engine power nor pure economy is what plays the decisive role, but minimum C02 emissions. And this applies to the entire ebm-papst Group. However, our production sites themselves are even more important. Here we employ intelligent solutions in energy management and state-of-the-art technologies to define the standards in building systems.

One impressive example is the Hollenbach factory, which was completed in 2007, and which was designed for maximum energy efficiency from the very first planning stage. The most important features of the high-tech location include its own power generation using a photovoltaic system and a cleverly devised system for ventilating, cooling and exploiting the residual heat generated on the 13,000 square metre building.

GreenTech is acknowledged and certified.

Whenever our commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly products is publicly appreciated, that shows us that we are on the right track. Ultimately, the efficiency of GreenTech is measurable. For example by satisfying the strictest limits for energy-powered products that the EU has passed to date. These planned limits are not scheduled to come into force until 2015, but our GreenTech EC fans already undercut them by far.

Moreover, we are pleased that our entire production chain regularly stands up to the scrutiny of environmental specialists. Awards such as

  • the German Sustainability Award
  • the Environmental Prize and Environmental Technology Prize of the state of Baden-Württemberg
  • the Energy Efficiency Award of dena, the German Energy Agency
  • the Cooling Industry Award
  • the iF material award or
  • the Elektra Innovation Prize

clearly show that we can live up to our high standards.

Our customers profit from this every day.

The heart of GreenTech beats in ebm-papst’s extremely energy-efficient GreenTech EC technology. And this is where the first direct benefit to the customer can be found. If less energy is consumed, costs for electricity will be lower. But that is just the start, for GreenTech EC technology also means that the motors and fans can be controlled, regulated, and are thus able to respond flexibly to the performance requirements actually encountered. And that makes a big difference, for nothing is more economical than a unit that switches itself off when it is no longer needed.

Another bonus of the electronics is brushless commutation. This allows our GreenTech EC motors and fans to operate completely wear-free, so they are much quieter, suffer no drop in performance and have a much longer service life. So, while our customers reduce their electricity bills day by day, at the same time they also benefit from extended maintenance intervals, which means even greater cost savings for parts and labour.