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As the leading supplier of ventilation and drive technology, ebm-papst is a highly respected engineering partner in many industries. With around 20,000 different products, we provide the right solution for just about any requirement. We have always worked to the highest economic and ecological standards.

As part of the logical next stage in the development of our high-efficiency GreenTech EC technology, we believe that industrial digitization offers the greatest prospects for our customers going forward. With GreenIntelligence, ebm-papst already offers intelligently interconnected complete solutions that are second to none around the world and ensure that our customers always stay that decisive step ahead.

ebm-papst SEA Pte. Ltd is based in Singapore. We also cater to the following countries in the region: Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Laos.

We serve a plethora of markets, including air-conditioning and ventilation, commercial refrigeration, industrial, cleanroom, IT/telecom, medical, agriculture, transportation, appliance, heating and more.

You can always count on our prompt and courteous service. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We Offer…

Centrifugal Fans

Manufactured with energy-efficient EC technology, our centrifugal fans is suited to a wide range of ventilation solutions.

Featured Centrifugal Fans

Axial Fans

Our EC Axial Fans are suited to a wide range of ventilation tasks. Examples include cooling towers, condensers and evaporators.

Featured Axial Fans

RadiCube: Smart Box Fan

  • Highly Efficient Box Fan

    The RadiCube is highly efficient box fan that is equipped with EC technology. It is best suited to mechanical ventilation tasks.

  • Powered by IoT & EC Technology

    You can further optimise the RadiCube by integrating IoT and EC Technology into your set-up.

  • Available In Many Sizes

    The RadiCube is available in various sizes and in mainly two forms: RadiCube and RadiCube Pro. They differ in terms of impeller material and airflow performance.

RadiCube Box Fan for Exhaust Fan Supply Fan
FanGrid EC Centrifugal Fan Wall


  • Modular Ventilation Solution

    Our centrifugal or axial fans can be stacked up to form a FanGrid of any size. This enables us to accommodate applications of any size.

  • Operational Redundancy

    Conventional systems comprise of one AC belt-driven fan. If any component fails, the entire system shuts down. With ebm-papst’s multiple fan concept, if one fan fails, the remaining fans can compensate for the drop in airflow. This is especially imperative in critical infrastructure.

  • Energy Efficient & Sustainable Design

    Our EC centrifugal and axial fans are designed with EC Technology, which allows variable speed control. This means, unlike conventional AC systems, users can adjust their fans to the speed and airflow they desire precisely. By minimizing energy wastage, it improves energy savings immensely.  There is also reduced environmental impact and operational costs.

intelligate Touch

  • Monitor

    With individual fan and overall set-up monitoring features, the intelligate Touch provides users with an easy solution to monitor their EC fans.

  • Control

    Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the intelligate Touch enables easy configuration and control of your EC fans.

  • Customise

    The intelligate Touch enables the end-user to customise their configurations to match their ventilation systems. In addition, select from a series of add-ons to optimise the usability of the intelligate Touch.

intelligate Touch centrifugal fan dashboard



The next level of Green. ebm-papst offers intelligently interconnected complete solutions for the air and drive technology of tomorrow.

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